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The Vegemi Method

Vegemi is on a global mission to inspire children to develop a fun-loving relationship with fruits and vegetables.

The Vegemi Method is a nutrition education programme designed to be delivered to children in early years and key stage 1 settings.

The Vegemi Method provides fun activities that are quick and easy for educators to use, with the following learning outcomes:

  • Improved food awareness and familiarity
  • Understanding the nutritional value and benefits of fruits and vegetables
  • Increased willingness to taste fruits and vegetables
  • A more positive perception of healthy foods
  • An understanding of the necessity of nutritious food for their health and wellbeing
  • Knowledge of where fruits and vegetables are grown
  • Inspired to make food choices that are planet-friendly

What's included in a Vegemi License?

  • Instant access to Vegemi modules
  • An extensive library of fun, nutrition inspired activities that can be easily delivered 
  • All supporting materials for teachers
  • All activity worksheets for children
  • Use of the Vegemi App to enhance game and story time activities
  • Guided fruit and vegetable ‘six senses experiential’ activity  
  • Information about Vegemi to be shared with parents 

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The Vegemi Method Features

  • Characterisation, story telling and superpowers
  • Songs and games
  • Play and craft tasks
  • Physical activities
  • The Vegemi app; mixed reality tech, animation and gamified play
  • Additional support and training for teachers available on request

100% of educators recommend!

Feedback from educators:

86% saw an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption in children.

100% saw an increase in interest towards fruit and vegetable consumption in children.

100% would recommend Vegemi to other educators!

"The materials are really versatile, visually delightful and exciting for the children. The instructions are clear and the materials are functional, it is a ready to use package that can be implemented easily."

"The lessons are easy to use and the supporting material enables quick implementation which is also easy to adjust according to the needs of the group of children."

"The children are very enthusiastic about the Vegemi character. Vegemi's image recognition is brilliant, and interests the children in tasting and smelling vegetables. Many children have joined in, who otherwise wouldn't be interested. Children also play with Vegemi at home."

"It differs from other learning materials in that digital elements, physical fruits and vegetables, activities and knowledge come together - a truly functional and exciting programme for children."